1. Introduction

2. Purpose of Technology in banking sector

3. Technological Impact on Banking

4. Technological assistance in banking sector

4.1 The world at your fingertips

4.2 Fewer Errors and higher Data Protection

4.3 Better Customer Experience

4.4 Business Intelligence to Drive Profitability

5. Banking 2020         

6. Conclusion


Information Technology allows subtle development, higher market infrastructure, implementation of reliable techniques for management of risks, and helps the monetary intermediaries to succeed in geographically distant and distributed markets. The net has considerably influenced the delivery channels of the banks.

Purpose of Technology in the Banking sector

Technology has incessantly contended on a necessary role within the operating of banking establishments and therefore the services provided by them. Info Technology allows subtle development, higher market infrastructure, implementation of reliable techniques for management of risks, and helps the monetary intermediaries to succeed in geographically distant and distributed markets. The net has considerably influenced the delivery channels of the banks. The net has emerged as a crucial medium for the delivery of banking products and services. The banking setting has become extremely competitive these days. To be able to survive and grow within the dynamic market setting banks area unit going for the newest technologies, that is being perceived as associate ‘enabling resource’ that may facilitate in developing learner and additional versatile structure that may respond quickly to the dynamics of a quick dynamic market situation. It’s additionally viewed as an associate instrument of price reduction and effective communication with folks and establishments related to the banking business.

Technological Impact on Banking

Banking is undergoing a technological churn at once thanks to rising competition from fintech startups and increasing concern for cyber-security. Today, we tend to area unit progressing to inspect ten technologies that area unit progressing to impact the longer term of banking sector!

FSI sector normally, and Banking above all, area unit undergoing a technological churn at once. The rationale is two-fold: dynamic client expectations and improved technological capabilities. The rising competition from Fin-tech start-ups that use technology to form distinctive client experiences around banking & different monetary services has forced the big banks to retort by innovating themselves.

Technological assistance in Banking sector

The World at your Fingertips: A lot of individuals are able to relate to the current, as a result of in how or the opposite, all folks area unit being established by technology. From ordering food or buying garments, everything is merely a faucet away.  Furthermore may don’t have the requirement to hold make the most hand, you’ll simply create a digital payment from your E-Wallet. Similarly, through internet banking, one is allowed to transfer cash from one account to a different, order checkbooks, check the balance, create payments, produce fastened Deposits, and so on.

Fewer Errors and higher Data  Protection: In the past days, once banking was utterly addicted to human accuracy and talent, mistakes and errors were additional apparent. As human capabilities have a limit, they’re susceptible to skip sure things or create calculation errors. With the introduction of computers, the frequency of errors has reduced to nearly nix. Also, another necessary perspective to the current is that it will shield the info rather more expeditiously. Today’s technology provides complete security of your transactions and safety of your knowledge those there area unit terribly rare occasions on that the info is victimized.

Better customer expertise: The ancient system of banking was extraordinarily wearing and protracted which resulted in poor client experiences. This was as a result of one had to face long queues, file tons of papers, and physically gift. The arrival of internet banking and mobile banking has reduced the time you pay for banking connected tasks and has additionally ensured hassle-free client service even from a far-off location.

Business Intelligence to Drive Profitability: RBI has inspired all the Indian Banks to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) to extend the general gain within the trade. Business intelligence system provides knowledge for historical, current, and future trends. This knowledge aids the banks in manner that they’re able to make correct selections and thereby will bring an overall increase within the productivity, potency, and gain.

Banking 2020

  • Digital accounting gap (DAO) is that the preferred technology for the third year during a row, with a 3rd of banks and credit unions expecting to feature new or replacement systems in 2020. Extra forty-sixth arranges to modify or enhance their existing DAO systems, up from the thirty-ninth World Health Organization aforementioned they might do this in 2019.
  • Roughly 3 in ten establishments arrange to choose a replacement or replacement P2P payment tool in 2020. That proportion is down from the thirty-fifth World Health Organization planned to try to do this in 2019. However, the number of banks and credit unions trying to boost or modify their P2P payment capabilities rises from twenty-fifth in 2019 to four-hundredth in 2020.
  • Video collaboration/marketing tools in 2020 would over double the number of establishments deploying this technology, as only one in 5 establishments say they’ve already enforced video collaboration/ promoting platforms thus far.
  • Implementing cloud computing technologies transportation all that knowledge in-house
  • APIs can become central to the competitive dynamics of the trade. Banks should chop-chop assess fintechs’ offerings, integrate them, and deploy them to their client base.”


Thus, banking process is faster than before and more reliable. Maintenance and retrieval of documents and records have become much faster and easier. Computerized banking also improves the core banking system. Technology also leads to competition among the banks which eventually provides better services to people

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