1. Summary
  2. Key Features of Home Loans
  3. To prevent your loan application from rejection


An application is employed by borrowers to use for a loan. Through the application, borrowers reveal key details regarding their finances to the investor. The application is crucial to determine whether or not the investor can grant the request for funds or credit

Key Features of Home Loans

Property costs have snowballed most that the majority of patrons have to be compelled to avail of home loans to shop for homes. This has become a worldwide development. However, before you enter that territory, you need to get a good plan regarding the character of home loans and the way they operate.

Here are the key facts regarding home loans each receiver should know:

  • To begin with, you’ll purchase a loan on 2 rates of interest floating and glued. Within the former, the interest rates amendment in line with market conditions whereas within the latter you pay a hard and fast rate for the complete tenure.
  • It isn’t only for the acquisition of a replacement home that you simply will avail of a loan. You’ll conjointly take a loan for the acquisition of a second house or a plot. You’ll conjointly take a loan for repairs and refurbishing of your recent home.
  • Bank does exactly alter you to shop for your dream home. They conjointly assist you in avail of tax deductions. Beneath numerous Sections of the tax Act, a receiver will avail of deductions on the principal additionally because of the interesting part of the house loan. In India, a receiver will claim deductions beneath Section 80C of the I-T Act for the compensation of the principal part. the bounds during this regard, set at Rs 1.5 lakh. Section 24 of the Act, on the opposite hand, permits borrowers to say deductions on the compensation of the interesting part. The deduction limit here is ready at Rs 2 Crore.
  • You will invariably pay your loan to shed the monetary burden before time. Additionally significantly, you are doing not have to be compelled to pay a penalty on pre-payment once the banking concern of Bharat in 2013 directed banks to waive charges for loans taken on floating rate of interest. However, banks still charge a penalty on transfer if you’ve got taken a loan at a hard and fast rate of interest.

To prevent your loan application from rejection

When you apply for a loan, lenders think about various aspects before acceptive it. If you are doing not meet the house loan eligibility criteria or have a poor credit score, your application may well be rejected. Here are prime five ways in which you’ll follow to urge approval on your application and avoid rejections.

Improve Your Eligibility

The first factor that investor checks when reviewing your loan application are your eligibility. Therefore, make sure that you fulfill all loan eligibility criteria to avoid obtaining your application rejected. To be eligible for a loan, you ought to be at intervals the age group of 18-65 years. aside from this, your financial gain ought to be higher than the edge limit prore nata by the investor. Also, you ought to have a credit score higher than 700 to be eligible for the house loan.

Determine your eligibility with the assistance of an eligibility calculator before you apply. Avoid taking a loan if you are doing not fulfill the eligibility criteria as loan rejections will adversely affect your credit report.

Increase the Credit Score

A low credit score doesn’t replicate well on the house application because it indicates irregular or non-payments of previous EMIs or alternative debts. Hence, a poor credit score will result in the rejection of your loan application. Therefore, if you’ve got a coffee credit score, guarantee to require steps to enhance it before you apply for the house loan. One sure-shot thanks to improving your credit score are by paying your dues often and maintaining an accumulation of credit.

Avoid Multiple loan Applications

Applying for home loans with numerous lenders will place a nasty impression on banks and alternative finance firms. So, make sure that you analyze well and apply solely with an investor that has eligibility criteria Highest to your scenario. Once you apply, await the response on your loan application while not hurrying. Creating too several loan requests with totally different lenders will replicate credit-hungry behavior and result in a decline in the credit score. Thus, avoid applying with numerous lenders at an equivalent time.

Submit correct Documents

Submitting incomplete or inaccurate documents may be one more reason for your application obtaining rejected. You ought to submit all the required documents within the right order with the correct info. You’ll check the list of documents needed, on the lender’s website or contact their representative for steerage. Typically, for a loan, you’re asked to submit documents like passport size photograph, identity proof, address proof, financial gain proof, property documents, etc. obtaining your loan application and documents checked by a bank representative whereas applying will facilitate avoid any unpunctual bother.

Maintain Job Stability

Maintaining your position at the organization for an extended amount and avoiding frequent job changes could be a sensible sign for lenders. Consequently, changing jobs over a brief amount of your time might increase the possibility of rejection of your loan application.