1. Introduction

2. Primary Market

3. Role of the Primary Market

4. Features of Primary Capital Market

5. Conclusion


The first cluster of investors to whom a brand new issue of security is sold. The initial market consists of the difficulty and also the first patrons of the issue. All resultant commercialism takes place in the secondary market. Underwriting is that the method by that the first market functions, that is, however, problems are sold to the first patrons. The first market will now and then be additional volatile than the secondary market as a result of it’s tough to work out the underlying price of recent problems. In any case, the first market accounts for less than some of the trade on a given commercialism day. See also: rights offering, discriminatory issue, Initial public offering (IPO). A primary instrument is a financial investment whose price is based directly on its market value. Primary instruments include cash-traded products like stocks, bonds, currencies, and spot commodities.

Primary Market

The primary market is the market where stocks and bonds are directly issued from firms to investors, businesses, and alternative establishments for the primary time, usually through underwriting. Government usually uses this mechanism to issue bonds for raising capital so as to boost cash for his or her operations like business growth, modernization then on. Firms usually problems either equity or bonds. Most entities buying the bonds or stock embody pension funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and fewer unremarkably loaded people and investment banks commercialism on their own behalf. They sell their securities to the general public through associate Initial Public Providing (IPO). The securities will be directly bought from the shareholders, that aren’t the case for the secondary market. The first market may be a marketplace for new capital that may be listed over an extended amount. Here the securities are issued on an associate exchange basis.

Role of the Primary Market

The key performance of the first market is to facilitate capital growth by facultative people to convert savings into investments. It facilitates firms to issue new stocks to boost cash directly from households for business growth or to satisfy monetary obligations. It provides a channel for the govt. to boost funds from the general public to finance the public sector comes. Not like the secondary market, like the securities market that trades listed shares between patrons and sellers, the first market exists for the supply of recent securities by companies and also the government on to investors.

Features of Primary Capital Market

(1) It’s connected with New Issues: The first vital feature of the first market is that it’s connected with the new problems. Whenever an organization problems new shares or debentures, it’s called Initial Public supply (IPO).

(2) It’s No specific Place: The primary market isn’t the name of any specific place however the activity of delivery in new problems is termed the first market.

(3) It’s numerous strategies of Floating Capital: Following are the strategies of raising capital within the primary market:

(i) Public Issue: Under this technique, the corporate problems a prospectus and invitations the final public to get shares or debentures.

(ii) Supply for Sale: Under this technique, first of all, the new securities are offered to associate negotiate (general corporations of stockbrokers) at a set value. They any sell identical to the final public. The advantage of doing this is often that the issuance company feels free from the tedious work of creating a public issue.

(iii) Personal Placement: Under this technique, the corporate sells securities to the institutional investors or brokers rather than merchandising them to the final public. They, in turn, sell these securities to the chosen shoppers at a better value. This technique is most well-liked because it may be a cheaper technique of raising funds as compared to a public issue.

(iv) Right Issue: This technique is employed by those firms World Health Organization has already issued their shares. Once associate existing company problems new shares, first of all it invitations its existing shareholders. This issue is termed the proper issue. During this case, the shareowner has the proper either to simply accept the supply for him or assign a neighborhood or all of his rights in favor of another person.

(v) Electronic Initial Public Issue (e-IPOs): Under this technique, firms issue their securities through the electronic medium (i.e. internet). The corporate issuance securities through this medium enter into a contract with a securities market.

SEBI registered broker got to be appointed for the target of accretive applications. This broker often sends data concerning it to the corporate. The company issuance security additionally appoints a Registrar, World Health Organization helps in creating the difficulty successful by establishing contact with the securities market.

(4) It Comes before Secondary Market: The transactions are 1st created within the primary market. The flip of the secondary market comes later.


Thus, the above mentioned are the key primary market role in the development of economic world

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