1. Summary
  2. Eligible for a Credit Card
  3. To opt for the correct card
  4. IPS for Initial Time Users


Chances are that you just have seen your oldsters use them; your relatives and friends too. Credit cards are currently a necessary piece of convenience in everyone’s billfold, for each physical and online looking. You’re desirous to be a part of the club and find your initial MasterCard, however with the myriad of choices on the market in UAE, you’re in all probability spoilt for alternative and speculative a way to choose the simplest MasterCard for you. To be fair, it’s a significant call. Thus however one grasp that card does is true for you? Initial of all, you wish to work out that you’re eligible for a MasterCard.

Eligible for a Credit Card

Age: whereas some settle for applications from eighteen years previous, most establishments giving credit cards within the UAE have a minimum age demand of twenty-one years.

Salary: Minimum earnings needs vary across establishments and credit cards, however the smallest amount you have got to be earning to access any reasonably Credit card within the UAE is AED 5000 per month.

Credit History: For initial time Credit card holders with very little or no credit history, you’ll either get a secured Credit card (a Credit Card backed by a money deposit), or one with restricted choices, which can be upgraded to support your card payments.

So currently that you’ve determined your eligibility, however, does one opt for the correct MasterCard for you?

To opt for the correct card


What is the one factor that you just are presumably to pay on? Or else, that of your monthly expenses is unavoidable? Fuel, perhaps? Perhaps your job needs you to travel a lot inside the town. Travel, pay 0.5 the month flying across native and international destinations? Looking you’re keen on pampering yourself? no matter your modus vivendi, there’s a MasterCard that rewards your defrayment decisions with edges starting from free fuel and lounge access to reward points at retail partners, air miles, money back, etc. thus once choosing a primary MasterCard, opt for one that offers you the most rewards and privileges, consistent with the classes you pay on.

Joining/Annual Fees

Not all credit cards have a change of integrity or annual fee. If there’s a fee, ensure its among adequate rewards, that are available in the shape of air miles, free fuel, reward points, etc. you may realize that the bank may charge a change of integrity fee the primary time you apply for a MasterCard, an annual fee from future year forward. You would possibly marvel, “Is it very value it?” you must rigorously compare the fees with the rewards and privileges before you create your alternative.

Credit Limit

It is the most quantity you’re allowed to pay, set by your bank, and supported your credit score. Gratuitous to mention, it varies from person to person. For your initial MasterCard, your bank can set a limit-supported analysis of your checking account, however over time, if you switch dead set to be a frequent Mastercard user World Health Organization invariably pays back on time, and your limit is enhanced. However, make sure you don’t splurge on the far side of the credit limit as you will be charged for exceptional your limit.

Cash Advance and Limit

This feature involves your rescue during a money emergency and permits you to withdraw cash from the ATM exploitation of your MasterCard. There’s conjointly a limit on what proportion you’ll withdraw; typically the limit set by the bank is a smaller amount than your credit limit.

IPS for Initial Time Users

Pay the total outstanding quantity on time

Paying your full MasterCard bill inside the grace amount helps you build your credit score. For a primary-time user, this can be important, as the next credit score opens you up to a lot of edges. Fitting an on-the-spot debit/autopay choice could be a good way to form positive that your bill is paid on time, but mistakes happen and you would possibly forget. Thus as a primary-time user, take into account choosing a card that has zero late payment fees, just like the Citi Simplicity card.

Pay below your credit limit

Another way to gain/maintain a decent credit score is to stay your defrayment below your selected credit limit. Some consultants advise exploitation of around half-hour of your limit across all of your cards. This implies that if you have got 2 cards with AED 5000 limit, then you must be trying to pay around AED 3000 across each card. You’ll even pay down your bill multiple times a month, to stay your utilization rate low. Over time, as your credit score will increase, take into account posing for a MasterCard limit increase; however, make sure to pay with wisdom thus maintaining a coffee utilization rate.

Use Your Mastercard

While keeping a coffee utilization rate is nice, not exploiting your MasterCard in any respect will do nothing for you. MasterCard issuers have an interest in however you utilize your limit, thus you must endeavor to procure things together with your card to create a decent credit score. Having a decent credit score provides you access to lower interest rates on loans and mortgages, amongst alternative things. Also, a lot of you employ your MasterCard, and a lot of rewards and edges you’ll access, thus get to swiping (responsibly) today!