1. Team & Advisors
  2. Defining the issue statement
  3. Solution to the problem
  4. Work flow
  5. Addressable Market
  6. Go To Market (GTM) Strategy
  7. Pricing/Business Model/Unit economics
  8. Competition

Team & Advisors

If you’re a start-up seeking angel spherical, then this can be the foremost vital think about your success. Merchandise pivot, business models evolve and markets modification, the foremost important factor is that the instauration team. Contrary to belief, I feel that the team slide ought to be the primary slide of the pitch deck. In cricket, you’d need your best hitter to open the innings and this can be comparable to that.

Investors look out for:

  • Does your team have the complementary ability set?
  • How long have the founders notable every other? Have they worked together?
  • Is this the proper set of a team for this specific business?
  • The team has the proper mixture of company and entrepreneurial experience?
  • Can the founder rent the proper quite talent needed for this business?

Defining the issue statement

This is the foremost important slide since it defines the matter you’re attempting to resolve. opt for each word fastidiously to outline the matter objectively.

Investors look out for:

  • Is the corporate determination a giant enough problem/need for the customer? Is it a true problem? Is it a remarkable problem?
  • Is this a haul Janus-faced by a minimum of 1 Chronicles of the country’s population?
  • Are individuals willing to pay you for determination this problem?
  • Are individuals consciously conscious of this drawback or does one have to be compelled to produce awareness?

Solution to the problem

This is the merchandise slide. Founders usually create this slide terribly tough to grasp. create it straightforward. Mention solely the key options.

Investors look out for:

  • Is your answer to determination the matter fully or simply partially?
  • What is that the core price proposition of the solution?
  • Is it saving cash for the customer? Or is it saving time for the customer? Or is it providing convenience?
  • Is it a ‘good to have’ answer or a ‘must have’ answer for the customer?

Work flow

A method flow chart to elucidate however your model will work may facilitate here. Embrace all participants within the price chain.

Investors look out for:

  • Does it produce any entry barriers within the business?
  • Dependencies in serving the customer? Is it seamless?
  • Is it an easy process? Or will it involve a modification in client behaviour?
  • Who has the ‘bargaining power’ within the entire price chain?

Addressable Market

This slide is principally to grasp 2 things:

  • Size of the available market
  • Growth within the available market – each past and calculable future growth share

What is vital is that associate businessperson mentions the proper supply (yes I even have received pitch decks while not the supply of data on the market slide!!). Founders ought to point out their immediate target market. Investors are additional keen to grasp however can you capture 100 percent of your available market instead of zero.1% of the entire market.

Investors look out for:

  • Is the available market expected to expand or shrink within the future?
  • What are the key price drivers of growth within the market?
  • Is the temporal order right to take a position during this market?
  • Will the corporate be able to garner a giant share of atiny low market within the next twelve months?

Go To Market (GTM) Strategy

Be terribly precise in penning this slide. Specific action points ought to be mentioned. This slide ought to answer 3 questions:

  • Who are you commercialism it to?
  • How can you reach your target market?
  • Where can you promote your product?

Investors look out for:

  • Customer personas, minimum viable phase, branding, client acquisition ways, channel strategy, selling strategy, product positioning.
  • B2B2C, B2B, B2C – that model will the corporate operate in? What are the challenges?
  • Strategic alliances, SEO, referral programs, content strategy, social media strategy

Pricing/Business Model/Unit economics

Mention the evaluation strategy and margin (%) profile on this slide. If you’ve got multiple value choices (like a SaaS business), then mention it here.

Investors look out for:

  • What is that the basis for pricing? Price + margin strategy or competition benchmarking?
  • Is the product/solution under-priced or over-priced?
  • Is it a profitable business model?


Generally, a competitive landscape mapping is sweet on this slide. Don’t forget to say associate relevant rival whether or not a start-up or an MNC. You would like to own a really sensible understanding of the house since investors meet several founders, thus you’d not need to miss out any vital names. Mention solely direct competitors and not indirect competitors.

Also whereas creating a table on feature comparison, the secret’s to pick vital and relevant options – not those during which your product gets all the ‘ticks’ and competition gets ‘crosses’. Be honest and precise.

Investors look out for:

  • Is the corporate building a 10X higher product than its nighest rival or is it simply associate progressive improvement?
  • Is there any ‘Learning curve’ or ‘first mover advantage’ within the space?
  • Is it a ‘Winners takes it all’ market?
  • Are there robust property competitive benefits (or moats) the corporate has engineered around it?