1. Types of EFT Payments
    1.1 NEFT
    1.2 IMPS
    1.3 RTGS
    1.4 ATM Transaction
    1.5 Debit/ MasterCard Transactions
    1.6 UPI money transfer
  2. The Benefits of EFT payments

Types of EFT Payments

As already mentioned, folks are preferring to transfer cash mistreatment electronic fund transfer ways throughout the pandemic. The convenience of electronic payment choices permits users to transfer funds from the comfort of their homes. they’ll simply transfer cash online mistreatment their mobiles and laptops merely mistreatment IFSC Codes.

You can choose from the subsequent electronic ways for transferring cash between 2 accounts:


National Electronic Funds Transfer or NEFT is the preferred online payment choice to transfer cash. You’ll be able to simply transfer cash from one checking account to the opposite through this methodology corporations use it principally for earnings transfers.

The funds transferred are settled on a delayed settlement basis. It means that the money is transferred in batches and settled in three business days. There’s typically no most limit for NEFT however this relies on the bank furthermore. for example, SBI permits retail banking ETFs up to Rs. ten lakhs solely.

Cost concerned

Banks charge a fee for NEFT after you are transferring cash to a distinct bank. they’ll charge anyplace between Rs. 2.50 to Rs. 25. However, the charge relies on the quantity being transferred.


You can complete the NEFT group action solely on bank operating days. just in case you transfer cash over weekends or on bank holidays your group action won’t undergo on an identical day. Instead, following operating day. Thus, NEFT isn’t helpful for fast transactions. although some banks currently provide the service around the clock and even on non-working days.


  • Name of recipient
  • Bank’s name of the receiver
  • Account range of the recipient
  • IFSC code of the beneficiary bank


IMPS or payment Service (IMPS) involves the moment transfer of cash, typically through mobile devices. you’ll be able to create transactions 24X7X365 across banks mistreatment this put down bank electronic fund transfer service. IMPS permit fund transfer on all days as well as weekends and bank holidays. Besides transferring cash through phones you’ll be able to additionally use the IMPS facility at ATMs, Mobile cash symbol (MMID), and web banking. The payments are sent to the mobile range coupled with the checking account of the beneficiary.


  • 7 Digit MMID of the beneficiary
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Mobile range of the beneficiary
  • Account range of the beneficiary
  • IFSC Codes of the beneficiary’s bank


RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement is beneficial for transferring cash from one bank to a different period. This kind of EFT is allowed solely on transfers for a minimum quantity of Rs. 2 lakhs. However, there’s no higher limit for the group action quantity. These transactions e method throughout the RTGS business hours. Usually, the quantity is transferred to the recipient’s account within 30-minutes. Both the sender and receiver ought to hold accounts in RTGS enabled banks. The list of RTGS approved banks is accessible on the run website.

Cost Factor

RTGS involves additional value as compared to NEFT and it varies from bank to bank. although the fee depends upon the quantity you’re transferring, it always doesn’t value over Rs. thirty for transactions up to Rs. 5 lakhs.


  1. Amount of the group action
  2. Account range of the sender
  3. Name of beneficiary
  4. Account range of the beneficiary
  5. Beneficiary’s bank and branch name
  6. IFSC code of the receiving branch

ATM Transaction

All ATM transactions square measure high-powered by EFT systems. Therefore, anytime you employ ATM it involves electronic fund transfer. This includes mistreatment ATM for retreating cash, transferring funds between your accounts, or deposit quantity to account.

Debit/ MasterCard Transactions

Similar to ATM transactions, all debit and MasterCard payments method mistreatment the EFT system.

UPI money transfer

UPI cash Transfer is additionally enabled by EFT. you’ll be able to use apps on any smartphone having a VPA (Virtual Payment Address) to finish your group action. UPI cash Transfer involves fewer steps as compared to alternative modes of EFT.

In this methodology, smartphone apps modify users to quickly transfer cash to a beneficiary account. each sender and receiver might not share personal details like credit/debit card range or checking account. Moreover, UPI cash Transfer works around the clock, and every transaction is done periodically.

The Cost issues

UPI cash Transfer doesn’t involve any charges, therefore neither the sender nor receiver have to be compelled to get mistreatment the UPI platform.

The Benefits of EFT payments

Electronic fund transfers provide convenience and loads of alternative edges to any or all users. Following are the most edges of EFT payments:

  • Transactions are quick and far work isn’t needed at either finish of the group action.
  • EFT is reliable as human intervention is bottom.
  • The answer is efficient and permits businesses to avoid wasting cash.
  • It is efficient compared to paper checks because the prices of check printing and postage are often saved.
  • EFT eliminates the danger of misplacing checks thanks to mail loss, or meddling of checks.
  • EFT solutions mitigate the danger of dishonourable bills and money miscalculations.
  • It additionally offers safety and establishes the collaborating entities as trustworthy.