1. Summary
  2. Fintech trends
  3. Trends that are bringing the major change
  4. Conclusion


In the past decade, the money Technology (Fintech) trade globally has transitioned from being the new child within the block to changing into the norm in money services. The lines between technology and business are ever-blurring, and startups also as established banks have accomplished the importance of technology innovation and are investment it to make novel merchandise and services for their customers.

Fintech trends

There is a celebrated spoken language within the money industry in India- “Banks are attempting to be fintech, and fintech is attempting to be banks”. Whereas this could appear to be a race between the normal and non-traditional players, the particular winner’s are extremely the customers!

Because each player is strained to fulfill an accrued demand for comprehensive money services, client expectations, and also the business got to cut back prices while providing quicker, safer, and cheaper services to the top user.

Trends that are bringing the major change

There is a race amongst FinTechs, banks, and different company giants to form India’s initial comprehensive money services SuperApp- a plan that got great quality when the success of Gojek (Indonesia), Alipay (China, Rappi (Latam), and Revolut (US)

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and credit line disbursal to niche segments are reimagining credit and enabling Indians to surpass ancient credit-card and obtain access to digital credit for a purchase.

InsurTech is driving innovation on merchandise and digital distribution to increase penetration of Insurance merchandise, whereas building niche solutions for employers also as young millennials.

Digital disposal, one of the foremost funded business models in Fintech, is moving to maturity with an accrued concentrate on collections.

Neobanks are rising by providing hyper-personalized banking experiences for the technical school savvy of client segments Neobanks boast attributes and offerings like accessibility, efficient multiple banking, and money functionalities under one umbrella. Some neobanks are building niche solutions that specialize in blue-collar staff and also the underserved desires of thin-file MSMEs that is the approach forward.

Wealth/Invest-tech has been a surprise package throughout COVID. It’s remodeling the investment landscape and transferral excess of first-time equity investors to the market through its comprehensive and low-cost services.

Cryptocurrencies whereas there has been a ton of speculation around whether or not or not Crypto commerce is legal in Bharat, banks have invariably shied far from this sector. Consistent with the most recent info relating to the Cryptocurrency bill 2020- the govt. plans to bring cryptocurrency investments below tax compass rather than an outright ban- this might be seen as a chance for tons of rising fintech.

API/Smart API banking development, embedded banking, and Banking as a Service (BaaS) is empowering each company (financial or non-financial) to feature Fintech options and depend upon the system. This can be conjointly promoting the cross-promotion of services across numerous platforms.

MSME is the new field (after millennials) for Fintech. Startups and banks ar needing to get a bit of this market. Covid19 has accelerated the adoption of digital by MSME, creating this market ripe for disruption.

Digital payment (like payment gateways) continues to attract grant funding and has the most variety of companies within the initial offering and imaginary creature queue. The battles have affected from issuing to exploit. With reduced margins, the players still realize newer ways that victimization payment as a hook to get revenue from cross-selling different money services.

The Fintech trade has matured by leaps and bounds in India, however, it’s round-faced its fair proportion of hiccups and challenges like – knowledge security and privacy risk, varied adoption, speedily dynamic regulation, and lack of monetary accomplishment and awareness.

The Indian fintech trade isn’t only one of the foremost dynamic sectors of our economy however conjointly one thing being one-eyed upon across the globe! With services backed by the latest technology like blockchain, computing, machine learning, and knowledge analytics, a variety of fintech merchandise can realize thought adoption within the close to future, and most of them into banking. And with this pace of innovation, a product nevertheless to be introduced or below the paradigm of uncertainty might become the muse of sure banking services within the years to come back.