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Welcome to BankReed.

BankReed.com is an open community-driven Blogging website dedicated to Banking and Finance, where millions of people around the world can Post, Share, Read, Vote, Ask Question and Comment on the Interesting topics on Banking and Finance.

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The knowledge and awareness of Banking and Finance with people is minimal. Which has created a desire in our minds to spread financial literacy? The objective is to share simple and easy to understand Articles / Blogs and Videos regularly on the Banking and Finance Sector.

Our objective is that people should start understanding the following:

  • What are the role and responsibility are of a Banking and Financial Institution?
  • How can people effectively manage their financial resources and start saving part of their income regularly?
  • Understand various modes of investment is available to people and how effectively they and earn on their savings without losing it.
  • Know about the recent developments in the Banking and Finance Sector.
  • Know about various products and services offered by Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • What types of loans and advances available in the market and how to efficiently plan to take such loans.
  • Know about various investment options available.
  • Learn about General and Life Insurance.
  • Know about Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds.

In short, we will be discussing each and every topic of Banking and Finance.

If you possess knowledge and expertise in any of the topic or segment in Banking and Finance, we welcome you to be an active Blogger on BankReed. You can share your Post and Blogs, and participate by way of answering the questions people may ask in the Discussion.

Please find the process for Registration and start writing your Post:

  1. Register yourself in Sign in Section.
  2. Once you are registered you will get an activation confirmation; please activate the link.
  3. Next, we will change the Rights from Subscriber to Contributor.
  4. Now you can start writing your Posts and Blogs.

Let’s join the community and start sharing the knowledge with the people and spread awareness. Be a BankReed and spread Financial Literacy.


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Banking Professional with 16 Years of Experience. The idea to start this Blogging Site is to Create Awareness about the Banking and Financial Services.

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