“We need machines, but more than that, we need humans who know how to use those machines for the greater good.” – Abhijit Naskar

Technology is spreading around the globe like an endless cycle that keeps on rotating and coming up with up-gradation, not the solution for stopping its excessive use. We can just move around the four directions and we see that the technology has been adopted in every sector whether it a small sector or a trendy system greatly in use by the humans. The modern technology is seen everywhere in our growing society. As now the society connection to internet is constant which is giving so much growth to both white as well the black market. It is said that if something is used in limit, then can provide so much advantages but excessive use can lead to destruction and that is for sure. If I let you know that each day the cyber-crime is increasing as due to this ever-growing technical stuff cybercriminals are finding new and advance method to steal the data, money which is created so much of mental stress overall. All the sensitive network around there is been tapped and cracked within seconds and then personnel information of customers are stole in many case the finance is at the stake of risk and the saddest thing is that they enter like air and then vanish in the world of technology which is very hard to be found so the result is the failed service customer receive at the stake of losing all their data which is confidential. 

Protecting the data and its awareness has become the priority and all the important sections of the society is making a note of it. People are also taught about this protection’s steps so that such situation that is risk on the data can be avoided as much as possible. There is a lot of threat first which we must know to keep ourselves aware. There is a chance that your data is getting lost and you are not even aware of it which is problem mostly arises with lack of knowledge that is not good. Self-awareness is the first step to be maintained in order to protect oneself or at least be questionable to the sector when the threat has occurred. 

Let us see some common threat occurring in the information security of today’s world.

1. The security linked with technology is weak:

In today’s fast-moving world, new technology is being released on a daily basis. This is mostly done so that the customers need can be advanced and thus good feedback can be obtained. Many of times the industries are so busy in launching the new update or technology idea that the important part related to security is highly avoided which afterward leads to serious problems like data is been corrupted or vanished from device or mainly the technology fails to handle a major amount of data and then other problem also arise. There is no plan made for security in first place. The unsecured connection means vulnerability. The innovation is good but security is lagged seriously. Go through Security technologies for better understanding.

2. Attack on social media: 

When we see all platforms, then social media is only the platform which is facing the most threats by the cybercriminals and that is because this section of technology and even there are almost everyone using as an essential part of their daily jobs, updates etc.  the social is been used by cybercriminals mainly to spread a very complex geographical attack known as water holding in which the attackers identify and then corrupt the website in terms of post and content and not only this but the data of the members of that websites are stolen. Such a situation is created that the website needs to be shut down as no other solution is possible can be adopted to recover the website been targeted.  

3. Malware in mobile phones:

According to experts they have seen the risk in mobile devices as soon as it started connecting to the internet world is vast in the term of information and also fraud. This is noticed in early stages by the expert, but the procedure to stop such risk is mainly avoided by the common people due to the lack of information about the threat and the problem that they would face in future due to this. People are mainly not concerned with the mobile’s malware problems. Even the call we make each day to the things we search in internet all these are targeted by cyber criminals and soon as they get the chance, they steal all the confidential information they need and after that the outcome is personnel threat putting in corrupted websites using photos for wrong-doing are mainly done. 

4. Unnoticed entry of the third party:

The least residence path is been chose by the cybercriminals as getting inside that is quite easy and also would not been noticed so they can complete their illegal task and get out of there and then can vanish and then can’t be tracked. Tracking them would be like finding salt in a glass of water, which is almost impossible. In, this way a lot of financial data is lost and culprit is never been found. This steeling is been done in past and is still going on. 

5. Proper configuration is been neglected in most of the time:

There are tools made available for customer to be used, these are quite big and have the capability to be customized so that it can easily be fitted according to the need of the organization. Mainly these important parts is being neglected as it is quite important to follow these configurations for security purpose and other relevant settings. Data breach is one of the common threats noticed among the people as a result of which there is an inability to use important functionality as they now the function is in control by the cybercriminal. All the important information is at the stake of risk in such a situation. 

6. Security software is in use are outdated:

The major security software tools that we use to protect our data undergoing theft sometimes are outdated and we are not even aware of that and a few times when we are aware, we simply avoid the fact of updating it. This casual behavior of neglection leads to serious problems in the future. These software’s are generally being made so that it could provide protection against some known threats avoiding such important updates can open doors to all kinds of small as well as big threat and these may even corrupt your device. 

7. Lack of encryption is being entertained:

The business data are quite sensitive and handling such sensitive data can be a little hard in many cases also if not handled properly then can lead to serious loss of important data that can’t be recovered in many cases. The data that are in transit and is at rest which need to be still embrace by the industry need quite protection as it’s a non-disclosed data if accessed then could be sold to other party and the initial industry would not even be able to claim it. For example, if we consider healthcare industry then this industry has most confidential details that loss can handled if been done. The problem that arises after losing it can’t even be imagined. 


These are some common threat been noticed in today’s apart from these there are few more threats such as the corporate data in mobile, inadequate security software in use and the concern of cyber theft in software engineering. Getting to know about all this threat would make you concern so that next time when you think about these problems related to theft then would surely seek for steps to avoid it.

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