1. Immediate Payment Annuity

2. Features

3. Working process of Immediate Payment Annuity 

4. Benefits

5. Factors while Purchasing an Immediate Annuity Plan 

6. Special Considerations 

Immediate Payment Annuity

An immediate payment subvention is a contract between an individual and an insurance company that pays the proprietor, or annuitant, a guaranteed income starting nearly incontinently. It differs from a remitted subvention, which begins payments at a future date chosen by the subvention proprietor. An immediate payment subvention is also known as a single-decoration immediate subvention (SPIA), an income subvention, or simply an immediate subvention. 

  • Immediate payment appropriations are vented by insurance companies and can give income to the proprietor nearly incontinently after purchase. 
  • Buyers can choose yearly, daily, or periodic income. 
  • Payments are generally fixed for the term of the contract, but variable and affectation-acclimated appropriations are also available. 


  • You buy a non-participating-linked plan by paying a lump-sum amount. 
  • You determine your withdrawal age starting from as low as 40 times 
  • Choose the regular income sluice intervals suiting your convenience 
  • Start entering the benefits incontinently after investing the needful amount 
  • You can choose the common life option to cover your partner in your absence 
  • The return of purchase price option ensures that you leave a heritage for your descendants 

Working process of Immediate Payment Annuity 

individualities generally buy immediate payment appropriations by paying an insurance company a lump sum of money. The insurance company, in turn, promises to pay the annuitant a regular income, according to the terms of the contract. The amount of those payments is calculated by the insurer, grounded on similar factors as the annuitant’s age, prevailing interest rates, and how long the payments are to continue.  Payments generally begin within a month of purchase. Annuitants can also decide how frequently they want to be paid, known as a” mode.” A yearly mode is most common, but daily or periodic payments are also an option.  People frequently buy immediate payment appropriations to condense their other withdrawal income, similar to Social Security, for the rest of their lives. It’s also possible to buy an immediate payment subvention that will give income for a limited period, similar to 5 or 10 times.  The payments on immediate payment appropriations are generally fixed for the period of the contract. still, some insurers also offer immediate variable appropriations that change grounded on the performance of an underpinning portfolio of securities, much like remitted variable appropriations. Still, another variation is the affectation-defended subvention, or affectation-listed subvention, which promises to increase payments in line with unborn affectation. 


The immediate subvention plan is the utmost introductory form of subvention in the Indian request, yet it’s laced with a host of features to profit you. Some of the crucial dollars are 

  • You pay the lump-sum decoration only formerly
  • You get a guaranteed regular income sluice incontinently upon investment 
  • You can cover your partner to admit the benefit in your absence 
  • You get multiple options to fine-tune your plan like Joint, Fixed term, etc. meeting your specific requirements 
  • You can tap the implicit duty benefits under the extant laws 

Factors while Purchasing an Immediate Annuity Plan 

You must survey the request for the colorful immediate subvention plans on offer to make an informed choice that stylishly suits your requirements. It’s also sensible to look for fresh features and benefits like affectation protection. You must also consider the following essential points before you commit to a particular plan

  • The decision cannot be reversed The subvention purchase is unrecoverable and is largely illiquid. estimate your requirements completely before copping. 
  • Elect your accessible pay-out judiciously You have multiple options on the server. Choose one that suits you stylishly with minimum threat for a steady income sluice. 
  • The payment is contingent upon your chosen term It makes sense to choose a suitable term to admit a guaranteed yearly payout anyhow of how long you live.
  • Forget about the liquidity of your investment Your immediate subvention plan is locked, and you don’t have the option to encash in a fiscal exigency. 
  • You may explore implicit duty benefits You’re entitled to duty deduction up to Rs1.5 Lakh in confluence with other immunity under Section 80C for journal pension or subvention bills under Section 80CCC of the IT Act, 1961. still, income entered as subvention payments are taxable under extant laws. 

Special Considerations 

One eventuality debit of an immediate payment subvention is that payments generally end upon the death of the annuitant, and the insurance company keeps the remaining balance. So, an annuitant who dies earlier than anticipated may not get their money’s worth out of the deal. On the other hand, an annuitant who lives longer may come out ahead.  There are some ways to get around this problem. One is by adding an alternate person to the subvention contract (appertained to as a joint and survivor subvention). It’s also possible to buy a subvention that guarantees payments to the annuitant’s heirs for a certain period, or that will reimburse the annuitant’s star if the annuitant dies beforehand (known as a cash refund subvention). Similar vittles bring redundant, still.  Once bought, an immediate payment subvention cannot be cancelled for a refund. This may pose a problem should the annuitant need the money in a fiscal exigency. For this reason, it’s smart to have an exigency fund set away for unlooked-for requirements before deciding how important money will be placed in the subvention.